From everyday elderly companion services to specialized nursing care services. We can package these in combination to provide a personalized companion care service for your loved one. 

Companionship In Singapore

Studies have proven that seniors who stay socially engaged enjoy better health, happiness, and improved quality of life compared to their solitary counterparts. If you or your loved ones need care at home, you are not alone!

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Increasingly, Singaporeans especially older adults wish to age at home – they feel safer and more at ease among familiar surroundings and with their family. A recent HDB survey found that 86% of elderly residents intended to continue living in their existing flats with their family, up from 80% in 2013.

This was because they “found it comfortable or had an emotional attachment to it, having developed fond memories of the time spent with their families in the flat”, HDB said. “Older adults continued to show comfort and a strong preference of home care and to age in place.”

86& of elderly residents intended to continue living in their existing flats

Loneliness can have serious effects on a person’s health. Especially older adults, also have a higher tendency to develop depression and general cognitive decline that’s why they seek at least companion care from their families. Your loved one might also be prone to depression if they feel no one can take care of them physically and emotionally.

As people age, their social networks may not be as strong, meaning television, radio, and pets are their main source of companionship. A fear of falling over may keep our seniors from getting out and about on their own, and if they aren’t able to drive, being on their own can turn into loneliness.

The global coronavirus pandemic has meant having to keep our distance from our loved ones and spend months inside our homes with little company. This has worsened mental health concerns across age groups – but with many older people having to shield to protect their health, isolation experienced by the elderly, in particular, has increased.


Home Instead aims to help your loved ones stay healthy and live a fulfilling life through companion care services.

Whether it be an active conversation, listening, meal preparation, and mealtime companionship, or simply sitting together in peace and quiet, it is comforting to know that our friendly and professional caregivers can provide companion care who can simply spend time with your loved ones.

Having someone to talk to, and interact with, can make the day of your loved one. Knowing that a visitor is coming to spend time with them acts as a powerful motivator to get up, bathe and get dressed in clean clothes.

Reminiscing about days gone by, interacting with other people, and passing on snippets of wisdom gained over a lifetime can all help a lonely individual to re-engage with the world with companion care.

“Use it or lose it” applies to mental ability every bit as much as it applies to physical movement, and a stimulating and engaging conversation can quickly dispel the misery of isolation.

It’s not hard to see that a mind that isn’t exercised can soon start to lose its strength, and once seniors become steeped in isolation it can be difficult to raise their interest in life again.

A companion is able to provide company for everyday tasks that most of us may take for granted, such as eating meals together, playing board games, and other day-to-day activities. Thru home care, they are there to be a live-in friend to your loved one, helping to keep them happy and have fun.

We know how getting seniors out and about on escorted walks and a little talk can be incredible for their mind, body, and spirit. With companion care, our caregivers can be there for you when you ever need help.

In home care, giving a hand with the weekly shop or around the house, accompanying our seniors to social outings or medical appointments, companionship is simply being there for your loved one.

Whether we are stopping by for a chat to ensure the care recipient is safe and well or providing camaraderie during their favorite activities, our CAREGivers can create positive and enjoyable experiences in home care for our seniors.

That is because to us, care is personal. With Home Instead, we believe in a relationship-based approach to care and support, as opposed to a task-based. By first gaining an understanding of your loved ones’ needs, personality, hobbies, and values, we’ll find the right CAREGiver to support your loved one and become their chosen companion.

When a little help can give happiness, our CAREGivers are there for the seniors. Book a free consultation with us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about our tailored companion care services.

What’s more, Home Instead takes a holistic view of care. We work as a team and take a long-term, relationship-based approach, and our caregivers are trained in the various specialized requirements for providing respite care service.

That means we can help with simple requirements of ADLs or activities of daily living, home care, or companion care, while also providing more specialized personal care service when needed, even including nursing care like dementia care and speech therapy. This team-based approach means you only pay for the care resources when and where they are needed.

Professional, caring help and improving the lives of our seniors. All from the comfort of home. We’re here to help.



"Judy from Home Instead helped me a lot. She kept me company and helped with everyday living tasks. Her companionship helped reduce any mental stress. Thank you Judy and Home Instead for the personalised service!"

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